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Dr. Dupon Cosmetic Dermatology offers Beauty & Aesthetic Services in Lafayette, LA. Our services include dysport injections, fillers, sculptra, microneedling, hormone replacement therapy, platelet rich plasma injections, and more. We also carry Obagi Skincare Products. Contact us today for any of your skincare needs.
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William A. Dupon, M.D.

Dr. William A. Dupon, M.D. has been performing minor cosmetic dermatology procedures for over 17 years.  In his second year of residency (1999) he bought a microdermabrasion machine and a hair removal laser. In 2003, he started injecting neurotoxins (Botox, and Dysport).

Over the years he has added dermal fillers, PRFM injections, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and micro needling.

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